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Life and Essential Management Functions

2 Pages 624 Words June 2017

We are all a manager in our right; we just don’t realize how much we use the essential management functions on a regular basis. As a working adult with a family, I tend to use the first function of planning more so than anything else. I plan schedules, meals, and bills just to name a few. I have also learned that in that same breath I am also organizing, leading and controlling. I am going to break down how I use the functions of being a manager in my life without the job title.
Planning is something that I sometimes do without even thinking about it.
Once a situation arrives, I have instantly reviewed the details to determine whether or not it is an urgent matter and place it on a to-do list accordingly. I just planned a timeframe for me to resolve the problem. Now that is simple for random issues but what about the schedules of a who family? There are some things that we have minimal flexibility with like work, school, and practice schedules which are pretty set in stone. That’s where real planning comes along making sure everyone can be picked up, dropped off, fed and not neglected.
To have a good and successful plan, you also have to do some organizing to get the plans done. I like to write everything on a calendar to see everything for the day at once in order of importance. This allows me to organize my family and my time based on what needs to get done. By putting the information in a centralized location and order of importance organizes it so it can be planned out. Without organization, my family would be running around like chickens with their head cut off, confused and discombobulated. Planning and organizing are how we make it through this crazy roller coaster called life.
I am having been speaking freely about my family and our crazy schedules like I am supermom and nothing ever happens out of the ordinary because it does, all the time. My husband is a car salesman, I work in a call center, and we have an 11 and 4...

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