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Research Paper - Crime and Gun Control

6 Pages 1547 Words June 2017

As concerned individuals, people push for stronger laws or regulations when the topic deals with gun control and gun crime. Each year, thirty-five thousand Americans are killed in gun violence; another two hundred thousand are injured by firearms (Burton 19). Thousands of people buy guns every day, so knowing the proper way to use them would keep gun control under control. Even though restricting gun control isn’t popular in every state, restricting gun control should be mandatory in the United States.
“Violence in America, first and foremost, is a gun. Two out of every three homicides and about half of all suicides are committed with a gun, most commonly a hand gun” (Burton 10). Yet, handguns have become very accessible to people and they tend to end up in the wrong hands of people, who have wrong intentions for the use of handguns. One of the many reasons why gun control should be mandatory is because of the many deaths that occur in children, due to guns. 181 children under the age of fifteen, were shot and killed in gun-related accidents in 1995 (Burton 9). Another incident that happened shortly after the 1995 killing was the 1996 shooting, where 1,134 Americans died in firearm accidents, and 135 of the deaths being children (Easterbrook 163). Yes, it may not be such a huge number but that number is still pretty high considering the age of the children that died. With that number, it should be clear that gun control should be carefully monitored.
Those who purchase a gun know the many risks that come along with purchasing a gun, such a safety. Sadly, there are many people who do not know the proper safety when owning a gun. Due to unsafely gun use, roughly 30,000 people are killed each year with firearms (Siebel 68). People like the idea of owning a gun, but do not know the proper way to use a gun. Writer Gregg Easterbrook, strongly believed that most accidents occurred by the lack of safety engineering that dealt with gun...

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