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The Consequences of Procrastination

4 Pages 993 Words June 2017

Procrastination is my middle name. I have personal experience with this. I did it all through high school, in even doing it now while writing this paper. I’ve changes my topic twice already because I was procrastinating. Now, I know I could be better off in life right now, but knowing me being the procrastinator that I am is why in in the predicament I’m in now. I literally procrastinate every day whether it be when I wake up in the morning and hit that snooze button twice before dragging myself out of bed. Or in high school with my graduation project, I waited till the last minute which is probably why I got the grade I got on it. Or that time I could have gone to jail because I didn’t pay my money on time. I can’t even tell all the times I procrastinated, because if I could this paper would probably be 30 pages long and no one has time for that. Although I will tell you why it’s important not to procrastinate.
I was reading this article by Peter economy called “5 important reasons why you need to stop procrastinating.” He stated that “we put things off when there is something more challenging at hand. Instead of rising to the challenge and completing the task we must do, we find smaller insignificant activities to fill our time.” Basically, he is saying we are taking the easy way out. He also says that “although it seems like a bit of a drastic measure, putting things in perspective of what’s at state for one’s future reminds us how much the little thing matter. but reminding ourselves that every little step really does add up to something big is the ultimate motivation to cease procrastination.” Basically, we need to think about our future be for we decide to take the easy way out. In the long run, we are just causing more stress on ourselves overtime.
One reason why we shouldn’t procrastinate is because it causes us to do sloppy work that we could have prevented if we would have just started ahead of ti...

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