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Terrorism, Refugees and Muslim Immigrants

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Terrorism refers to the acts perpetrated by certain groups of people, for particular ideological reasons, with the intention of creating fear as well as terror. It is a critical menace that not only impedes the development of a country but also destroys its beauty, prosperity, and peace. Usually, terrorists make attacks with the intention of gaining publicity. They make sure to choose targets that symbolize what they oppose. At this specific points, they commit acts of violence such as the mass bombing in a bid to draw the attention of the targeted population, the pertinent government as well as the entire world to their cause. The terrorist objectives are achieved via the reaction of the relevant population as well as the government to the crisis. In the USA, for example, terrorism has been closely associated with the Muslim immigrants as well as refugees living in the United States. To avert the terrorist hazard, therefore, the United States intends to implement extraordinary strategies that will ban immigration of individuals from Muslim countries; this paper sheds light on the different issues related to this particular issue.

Historical Overview
Terrorism is not a new form of violence; it has been in existence for a long time. Some historians have speculated that terrorism might have come into existence before the occurrence of regular warfare (Kumamoto, 2014). Some historians cite the origin of terrorism from 2000 years ago when violent, fanatical groups such as Sicarii from the Jewish community were popular (Kumamoto, 2014). However, the term ‘terrorism’ was devised by Maximilien Robespierre, between 1793 and 1794, during the French Revolution (Kumamoto, 2014).
The first recorded instance of what may be termed as terrorism was done by Powhatan Native Americans in 1622 when they attacked Jamestown and butchered approximately 30% of the entire population (Kumamoto, 2014). After the establishment of the Americ...

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