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Animal Farm - The Russian Revolution and Marxism

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George Orwell's novel Animal Farm is a novel that was published in 1945, which notices occasions that are identified with real life situations about the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917. It symbolizes genuine characters like Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. The novel's plot is about farm controlled by Mr. Jones who is a harsh owner, misusing the animals, making them work progressively and eat less. Moreover, one day Mr. Jones neglected to feed his family and this prompt a revolution which was an insubordination by the animals, established by Savvy Pigs, toppling Mr. Jones and taking control of the farm. The heroes are Snowball, Brilliant Pig who gives addresses the revolution. The second character is Napoleon, another keen insidiousness pig who killed Snowball through his mystery security dogs and blamed him for injustice. This novel is a critique of Marxian hypothesis as it mirrors his hypothesis of change from Capitalism to Communism by symbolizing the bourgeoisie as Mr. Jones and the low class as the animals. It symbolizes Marx's surplus value idea, changes from the capitalists to the communist ones. Marx is criticized for trusting that in a socialist society there will be no exploiters. The novel is likewise against the activities of Joseph Stalin demonstrating how Stalin's socialist system manipulated the poor into working too hard. The novel represents how people were misused in any hope of having potential advantages in their standards of living.
Marx's idea of Surplus value is about workers who are abused as they get lower wages in comparison to what they offer. He believes that the exploitation is a consequence of not owning the methods of production. The workers themselves are methods for production who are getting paid not as much as what they offer, and the distinction is the surplus value. In the novel, the old boar talks about the evilness of Mr. Jones, how they endure and how they reproduce. His thoughts are name...

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