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Deny Business and Educational System Partnership in Nigeria

2 Pages 545 Words June 2017

The success for most corporate business organizations in Nigeria is often as a result of the quality of staff they employed. So, most businesses in Nigeria tend to organize workshop or symposium in order to explain to academia what quality of staff they need. Due to this, it goes a long way to influence what academic institutions teach the students. Therefore, leads to a likely change of schools curriculum. So with this, Business in Nigeria tend to be a real source of ideas and advice to help schools match education with real-world learning needs, readiness standards, and skill expectations. By doing this, enables schools to build the best type of contemporary learning environment that are necessary for student success.
First of all, developing businesses can improve education in Nigeria, by providing work-based learning experiences with the aim to strengthen career awareness. For an example, instead of students graduating from schools with bachelor’s degree and not having jobs in their specialized field in Nigeria due to the massive unemployment rate in that field. Business could offer opportunities and engage students in a range of work based exploitation activities such as site visits and job shadowing, in order for students to learn about more occupations or professions to see what can be suitable for them. With this, they can be able to obtain more job training experiences including community services that is specifically linked to the content of the program in order to become specialist on what they must have learnt and how well the practice could acquire specific occupational skills that could be related to their career pathway. And also, business in Nigeria can improve education by helping align curriculums with business needs. For example, instead of universities working on curriculum problems through universities seminars, business could offer internship or managerial advice on the time-limited intensive learning experience ...

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