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Behavior Management in the Classroom

13 Pages 3358 Words June 2017

Many educational enthusiasts suggest there are many important educational issues that impact teachers today(Parkay, 2013), however the two noteworthy matters that will addressed will be behaviour management and insufficient emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) being taught in schools. Before analysing these matters in question. One has to be enlightened on the complexity of teaching practice with the emotional demands and innumerable stressors(Tuxford & Bradley,2015). Schleicher (2012)Behaviour management is vital in Australian schools as it has completely evolved from the past. According to Singh & Ponte (2009) the system was regulated, autocratic practices were in place but today in a contemporary Australian classroom children are looked at holistically, as learners with individual educational journeys. The focus is student centred and on the learners acquisition of knowledge allowing children to have more choices in a democratic system(Singh & Ponte, 2009). According to Schleicher (2012) teaching of today encourages critical, creative, independent thinking using the "4C's"("creative, critical thinking, communication and collaboration") approach and questioning. Educators provide children with the tools to meet the future challenges ahead of them(Gould, 2009). However, it can be very perplexing for teachers in a classroom setting, if children are continually challenging the teacher with obstreperous behaviour, poor social behaviours, psychological distress and atypical behaviours(Roffie,O'Rierdan, Rennie,Venville and Wallace, 2012). The other issue that will be attended to, is the need to place more significance on STEM with Arts in teaching in primary Australian schools. In order for contemporary teaching practices to advance in a digital world that is uncertain and constantly changing, teachers need to equip children for the necessary skills to meet the challenges of today and beyond(Cro...

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