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Why Education is Subjective

3 Pages 649 Words June 2017

The word education is a very subjective word; it’s hard to define altogether. To be educated is to have the will to learn. After hearing many other views of what education is, I have formed my theory from hearing these opinions and connecting them with my personal experiences.
A Greek philosopher named Aristotle once said: “it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” This quote although it was said so long ago I believe that it relates to so many current issues in today’s society. This quote helped me to realize that to want to be educated you have to be willing to hear and learn things without always agreeing with the subject. Knowing that this was said so long ago it shows me that the meaning of education has remained so simple and has stayed the same for so long. You must be willing to learn; you must also be willing to try and understand to be educated.
Up until about last year I was never fully interested in a certain subject. Not only in school but everywhere. Nothing interested me entirely, and I never understood why until my sophomore year. I was in my marketing class; I was assigned a project to discuss the difference with political issues in both past and current times. It had never happened before, but I was immediately interested in the project we were assigned, only after hearing the classroom argument between the different political views. After watching the argument, I wanted to be able to form my opinion for myself, with taking into consideration my peers views, then doing research for myself. After leaving the classroom that day I was instantly interested in forming my opinion and being able to hear others in every subject. This was when I realized I wanted to be present and interested; I wanted to learn about everything. This was when I started to become educated.
It took me a long time to come to my understanding of what education is. I had to look very ...

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