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Movie Review - Drive

7 Pages 1731 Words June 2017

Drive is a film that was at first, initially polarizing for the average film-goer where most film critics and enthusiasts hailed it as one of the best films of the year. However, audiences were largely perplexed. The most common complaint was that the film was boring and that it didn’t contain enough action sequences. Rotten tomatoes hold the film at ninety-three percent, whereas CinemaScore a poll that aggregates the general audience reaction gave the film a c-minus. In my opinion, these complaints are resulted into things: marketing and false expectations one might even argue that those two are interconnected. People see a trailer for a movie called Drive where Ryan Gosling plays a getaway driver. They see fast shots of car chases and Gosling ready to pound a bullet into a man's head and they immediately think, oh that looks cool and oh my god Ryan Gosling the guy from the notebook. People don't know what winning the best director award at the Cannes film festival means or who Nicolas Winding Refn's even is and they don't care to look. As a result, film lovers were in total ecstasy, and the average ticket buyers were infuriated by only two car chases lots of romance and slow building tension and the guy from the notebook being really violent. One the idiotic woman even tried to sue the filmmakers of Drive for its lack of action. Drive is my favorite films that came out in 2011, and I want to go in depth with the film and explain to you why I think it's a very important movie and perhaps persuade those who dismissed it initially to give it another go.
Drive opens with the scene that is meant to introduce us immediately to the character of the “Driver” by showing us his world where he's most comfortable and how meticulous he is. This is the scene that virtually everyone who saw the film loved because it's what they expected, it didn't surprise them. It's an opening action scene, although very different from most, which I'll ge...

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