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Short Story - In the Zombie Mode

3 Pages 643 Words June 2017

The day began as dull as it can be. With nowhere to go nothing to do. Summer break had started, no exams, no homework, and no drama. No anxiety, depression or sleeping pills were now part of daily life as it uses to be during school days. As I woke up, questioning this strange feeling of peacefulness, I wondered if this is how life is supposed to be? To be healthy and relaxed.
I laid on the bed for a long time thinking about the world we live in. The world where there is trouble everywhere. No one is safe from the way the world works. The poor getting poorer and wealthy who do not care what happens to the rest of the world. I questioned why do things have to be the way they are, why can't people care and live peacefully. Without wars, arguments of nations which would inevitably lead to war with millions of civilians dying just because of the sake of arguments. Is everyone really without humanity?
The world I live in seems wonderful and amazing only if you shut your eyes from the real world and only see what everyone wants you to see. The world filled with joy, to laugh, have fun and go out to malls ignoring the beggars on streets and the people suffering because of the wars. But if you open your eyes to the real problems of the world you will see how unbearable it is to live here. It is completely a rotten world and can only be improved if people realize that what is happening around is wrong. No one should feel helpless so much that the only option they feel is suicide.
Misery is spreading in this world like a forest fire, and no one is doing a thing about it. As time passes, I realize that people have stopped caring even about their friends. It is now a fact that no one wants to be there to help you through your problems but everyone wants to be there when you're on the top of the world having the time of your life. There are people who have many friends and family, yet they killed themselves because truly they felt alone. Is thi...

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