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Discourse and Critical Discourse Analysis

9 Pages 2185 Words June 2017

Definition of Discourse
In today`s modern society is characterized by struggle and contradictions. Homogeneity does not exist in everywhere in spite of that ideological dilemmas, partiteness/ dividedness and multi identities exist (Wodak, and Meyer, 2002). The founded world are not a liquid, contrarily it should be expounded, and it is indefinite. It has been changed as a chaotic discourse world understanding (Sözen, 1999). Complication of modern societies in the quickly changed world and frequent interactions between different groups in an apparent society can be clarified based on multiple causalities (Wodak, ve Meyer, 2002). Discourse is a meta-act, and it is a process regarding practices of language which transform to act with ideology, dialogue, information, declaration manner, expression, negotiation, power and permutation of the power (Sözen, 1999). Discourse is covered to all dimensions of a message. It involves not only the content of the message but also a person who say the message and their authority, their audiences and the purpose of the message. Society, social groups, identities find an opportunity to reflect their genuine values and perceptions using discourse (Fairclough, N. and Wodak, R., 1997)To implement power is implicit for using information. Discourse comprise all communication types including speaking and conversation. In addition to that, speaking and conversation are not limited with verbal peculiarly it is included seeing social world in daily implication, classification and ways of reacting as well (Punch, 2005). Wodak states that: “The discursive event is shaped by them, but it also shapes them. That is, discourse is socially constitutive as well as socially conditioned- it constitutes situations, objects of knowledge, and the social identities of and the relationship between people and groups of people. It is constitutive both in the sense that it helps to sustain and reproduce the status quo, and in t...

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