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Methods of Preventing Miscommunication

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Communication is a guide of principles of cooperation, requiring the thought of the communication partner's intellectual situations for its success. Miscommunication is reflected on a creation of sound and accidental inaccuracy. Communication proceeds in a rather self-centered way, with listeners normally understanding what speakers say from their perception. Speakers have a habit of overrating how active they believe that the message is assumed more often than it is. Together, these conclusions suggest an efficient source of miscommunication.
As I conducted my interview on preventing miscommunication, I discovered the main reasons why individuals are easily miscommunicated. Most times the information that is retrieved from the person giving instructions are not thoroughly précised well or can be misinformed. To better help this matter, giving specific questions regarding what information is giving is always a helpful source. Also, active listening skills is a great way to fully hear out a person when something important is being said. Good communication observes similarly to active listening. It is very challenging to do because the way we practice material faster than most people can speak. In the business weekly article, it was said that the average person speaks 125 words per minute, listens to about 300 words per minute and thinks an average of 2,000 words per minute. If you think about it, our minds develop answers long before the questions are being asked. To train active listening skills, be focused on the person that is talking, keep an open position and eye contact, do not interrupt a speaker on his or her thoughts, and ask important questions when he or she is done talking.
Ineffective communication is everything we do. When communication fails, we get irritated, we tend to lack in energy and time, our output and engagement decline and we have to work extremely hard to recover our success. When an interruption in communica...

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