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Steve Harvey - Dating Expert?

6 Pages 1404 Words June 2017

Relationship: the twelve-letter word some people long for, avoid, can’t keep, or just simply don’t want to experience. Whatever the preference, there’s bound to be a book out there about the do’s and do not’s pertaining to their opinion. A book about love, what better way to make money? Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey is one of these books written to try to help women understand how men work. Unfortunately, some of the ideas in this book are hard to swallow and more than questionable.
Harvey starts the book out with the section “What drives Men.” According to Harvey, it’s these three things: who they are, what they do, and how much they make. In the book, it says, “And until he’s achieved his goal in those three areas, the man you’re dating, committed to, or married to will be too busy to focus on you” (Harvey 11). A man who found his love in high school or got married young doesn’t necessarily fall into this category per se. This is a man who has had time to focus on his significant other while still building himself into the man he wants to be. The relationship or marriage would not survive if a man does not have time to focus on his significant other, so if it does it means he can work towards his goals and aspirations while still being able to have a focus on his relationship.
Additionally, Harvey says, “He’s not thinking about settling down, having children, or building a home with anyone until he’s got all three of those things synced” (Harvey 12). Harvey might be forgetting that sometimes things don’t happen in order. A surprise pregnancy might occur and a family gets started before it was intended. People get married young before they have everything “figured” out. Things happen that cause people to step up and do things like settle down, and build a home. They might not have it all together and no, they might not have been ready for it, but that doesn’t mean a man ...

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