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My Last Duchess Research Paper

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Throughout the dramatic monologue, “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning, the Duke is shown to have some very unpleasant characteristics. The way he goes on to talk about his deceased wife exaggerates his internal conflicts which reveal his jealousy and pride. In the poem, he is giving a random guest a tour and gives the impression of being a kind host. As the monologue continues, he gives a true insight on his twisted personality.
One of the most apparent characteristics shown by the Duke is his pride. For example, in the poems, he mentions the lack of proper behavior from the Duchess. He then says how he would not correct her. He considers himself an important person and would never stoop down to her level. In Michael G. "Browning's My Last Duchess." Poetry Criticism, Michael says,” given his excessive pride, his refusal ever to stoop, he could hardly tolerate allowing another to believe his duchess unfaithful to him” (46). Michael points out that the Duke's pride will not let others believe his duchess is being unfaithful to him, but he is unknowingly signaling her unfaithfulness to his guests. The duke’s pride and distorted personality becomes evident, he does not want anyone to insinuate that his duchess is being unfaithful even though he is the only one that believes that. The Duke also says, “My fit of a nine-hundred-years-old name With anybody’s Gift. Who’d stoop to blame This sort of trifling?” The Duke is explaining to the guest how the Duchess treats his special gift as if it were any other gift. The Duke believes he is entitled to more gratitude. In “My Last Duchess” Poetry Criticism, by Michelle Lee Michelle says, “This lack of distinction is insulting, perhaps even threatening, to a man whose importance and arrogance are derived from his social position” (46). For a person whose social status is so important the lack of distinction from the Duchess is extremely disrespectful.
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