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Between 700 and 1500, China developed economic relations with the rest of Asia, the Middle East, coastal regions of Africa, and Europe. The trading route overland was the famous Silk Road, while maritime trading became popular starting at the end of Tang Dynasty. The trade in this period benefitted China’s economic growth and the economy of countries that were trading with China. The exchange of goods provided more choices for consumers, which enriched their lives.
The main trading route in Asia during early Tang period was the Silk Road, which connects India to Central Asia and also with the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and East Asia (Trautmann 131). However, maritime trade started to flourish towards the end of the Tang period, particularly with the arrival of Muslim traders in Guangzhou. After Lushan’s rebellion against the Tang Dynasty in the middle of the eighth century,” the economy of Tang dynasty was devastated (Sen& Mair 66). In an attempt to recover its economy, the Tang court established a Maritime Commerce office that “oversees maritime commerce at Guangzhou, where traders from the Persian Gulf and South and Southeast Asia had been trading with local merchants “(Sen & Mair 67). Guangzhou has become a trading center for Muslims and Jews. These traders went by sea route that sailed from Persian Gulf first to India, after trading, they would then arrive in Guangzhou. (Ebrey 93). Muslim traders transported Chinese silk and porcelain to the Persian Gulf (Sen & Mair 67), and exported goods such as glass, cups, bowls, and beads to China and the rest of Asia (Ebrey 93). Other traders in Guangzhou such as Indians and Malays also brought “drugs, precious stones, and other goods” with them to trade (Ebrey 93). The rapid growth of sea trade has made coastal regions in China such as Guangzhou into trading centers, which made them wealthy and prosperous. On the other hand, Trade between Tang dynasty and East ...

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