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Racism in the Movie Fruitvale Station

6 Pages 1407 Words July 2017

I decided to write my work about the movie "Fruitvale Station." The movie, directed by Ryan Coogler, was aired in 2013, and is telling the true story of the 22-year-old Oscar Grant of California. Grant was a young Afro-American guy who was shot dead by an officer, after an alleged fight between him and few other young men, which took place in the local train in the night of the New Year's Eve of 2009.
The movie starts with real videos from the incident in which Grant found his death, taken by bystanders, and which where published broadly over the internet and eventually ended up as court evidence. In these shocking videos, we see an attempt to arrest Grant and few other guys. Even though it seems like Grant is trying to resist the attempts to arrest him, and although a crowd of people stood aside and booed the police, creating a hostile environment – it does not seems like Grant is putting the officer in any danger. And yet, after few seconds, a shot is fired by the officer in the scene, straight to Grant's back, causing his death few hours later, in the hospital.
The movie is not avoiding giving the viewer the full story of Grant's life, and it does not necessarily color him with bright colors all along the way. After the described opening scene, we see Grant arguing with his girlfriend which claims that he was cheating on her with another woman. In the middle of the scene, their 4-years old daughter is entering the room, and Grant is hurrying to hide a bag full of weed, meant for distribution. We are also being witnessed that Grant was fired from his job and was lying to his girlfriend about it, but afterwards he loans money to his sister who needs it to pay her rent. Later on we also see him hugging a dog who got hit by a car, until it dies in Grant's hands. On the contrary, the directors also emphasis the time Grant served in prison as well.
The movie is actually telling the sad story of a young guy, who was trying to liv...

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