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The Handicapper General and Harrison Bergeron

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The year was 2080, and everyone was preparing to become equal. In just three more weeks no one was going to be smarter or prettier than anyone else, according to the new amendments to the constitution. Diana Moon Glampers was preparing to become The Handicapper General. Meanwhile Harrison Bergeron was preparing to fight back. He rejected the idea of being controlled by the handicapper.
Harrison knew he had a high level of intelligence and he would use this to his advantage. He hid in his room and started to research how to overthrow the government. First, he needed to find a way to convince the population to join him in his battle. He asked the citizens to join him and protest at the town hall. Many citizens decided to join him and protested for individuality. Unfortunately, this wasn’t much help. The protest was stopped by the police without any changes in favor of the citizens. Harrison figured out how to tap into the government’s computers. He was able to get more information about what these new changes would be. He was able to discover that one of the many changes to create equality was to make the citizens who had a higher IQ wear a mental handicap radio on their ears. These radios would blast different sounds at various times. This would keep the citizens from thinking or analyzing what was going on around them. Harrison started to invent a system to block the sounds sent by the mental handicaps. Harrison created a web page to inform the people of the changes they could expect from the government. He informed them of the mental handicaps. Many of his followers started to be worried and shared this information around in the web. Unfortunately, the web page and all the information also landed up in the hands of a government officials. The government decided that Harrison was putting their plans in danger. They decided to send a special unit to watch over him and limit his access to the internet.
Harrison decided to give it a...

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