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My Tour of Bohol

3 Pages 710 Words October 2017

Going to Bohol is not as scary as it looks. My transportation in an airplane is such a wonderful experience although it’s not my first time to ride an airplane, it is my first time to ride an airplane with my friends and a new experience for me because none of my family members were there, only my college batch mates and professors. I’m always riding an airplane either of my mother or father, but that time neither of my parents was there, so it’s a brand new experience. Flying with PAL is a privilege for me because they are so nice, proper and very decent. They never failed to smile to others at all times and very attentive. They always greet the guests when entering and exiting the airplane.
The problem I experience flying with PAL is that they delayed our flight twice when going to Bohol and returning to Manila. I think they delayed us for about one and a half hour and also the airport in Bohol is small in space because some passengers are already standing and it’s so crowded, but still PAL is very pleasant. Now the bus is nice; they’re average and very helpful in carrying the luggage inside the bus underneath. I don’t experience much of a problem inside the bus.
On our way to our accommodation, seeing outside the window leads me to think that Bohol has fresh airs and it is a provincial place, trees and plants are all around, small houses, hills and much sights you can see in a province. Heading to our accommodation, the Mithi Resort and Spa is such a beautiful entrance. Going down the bus is where the staff of the resort is waiting to give us our necklace and our strawberry shake which is a yummy cold treat. They greeted us and gave us their biggest smiles. I feel so welcome. Staying there for three days and two nights is not terrifying as it seems because of homesick, but when staying in Mithi Resort and Spa you may want to stay a little longer, not only that because of what I’ve experienced, I want to visit Mithi R...

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