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The Great Gatsby and Slaughterhouse Five

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Throughout The Great Gatsby written by F Scott Fitzgerald, there are many rich immoral characters that enjoy getting drunk and cheating on their significant others. Later in the novel Daisy ran over Myrtle because Myrtle thought it was Tom driving to her so they can both cheat on who they are with. However, Daisy kept driving because she didn’t care and thought she was too rich to stop. Also, in SlaughterHouse Five written by Kurt Vonnegut, the protagonist Billy went to war and experienced multiple terrible and immoral things which made him create aliens and a fake world in his mind to cope with all of his experiences. Dealing with that ruined his whole life which shows how immoral war truly is. Throughout both novels, Vonnegut and Fitzgerald display how immorality affects the characters.
Throughout The Great Gatsby, immorality is revealed through the actions of characters. During the book, Gatsby has been described as wealthy. However, the way he has gotten his money shows his immorality. While Gatsby is asked how he got his money, he explored how he was “in the drug business” (90 Fitzgerald). When Gatsby revealed that he earned his money through dealing drugs, it displays how many of the characters do immoral things. In this case, Gatsby dealing drugs is immoral because not only is he breaking the law, but he is capable of earning money another way that would be a lot better and show his intelligence but instead chose to take the road of selling drugs. Immorality is exemplified here by showing that the characters earn their money through a wrongful way instead of a rightful way. While Daisy is driving after she and Tom fought, Daisy also performs actions that display her immorality throughout the novel. While Daisy is driving the “death car” (137 Fitzgerald) she accidentally runs over Myrtle where she is found “knelt in the road and mingled her thick dark blood with the dust” (137 Fitzgerald). Even though Daisy did not ...

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