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The Lesson of a Life Experience

2 Pages 590 Words October 2017

Have you ever had a life experience that taught you a life lesson? I had plenty of does to share, so I’m going to give you some desperation of one experience I faced. For example, when I was pulled over by the cops. Getting pulled over by the polices is so frightening. The First Time I Got Pulled Over was very fond. Everyone gets pulled over by a cop eventually, but if you're one of the lucky ones that don't, Authority figures are always intimidating, especially police officers and sheriffs. If you want to ruin your day deliberately, the best way to do it is get pulled over because my day was ruin.
My life experience with the cops was not anything a person would want to experience. Looking out my rearview mirror lights flashing police cars sound everywhere I instantly panicked. What was I thinking “me my first time getting pulled over” what you think I did, I gave the cops a high-speed chase. Outrunning the cops was so scary to me cars blowing their horns at me trying to move aside it was a bad site to see all together.
As I approached at a stop sign on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr St. it hit me. There they were, Mobile County Sheriffs. I knew in my head he was looking right at me. So, I tried my best not to look suspicious, but I was so nervous. Then as they approached my car, they instantly told me to step out the car slowly with my hand up. Adamantly I started telling them I was just scared in at the same time getting down on my knees praying everything will be alright in that the cops will understand what I did and why I did it.
My next problem I ran into with the cops was when they asked for identification that was the biggest problem because I left my id at home. Not knowing not having in identification id card you can face jail time. So, after the situation, they begin searching my car making sure I didn’t have anything out the ordinary witch was normal. As the cops looked around in my car, they didn’t found anyth...

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