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Business Plan for Bebaco Fish Farm

12 Pages 2940 Words October 2017

1.0 Executive Summary
BEBACO FISH FARMING is a Fish Farm located in Mbeya, Tanzania. The company is requesting funding of TSh 700, 000,000 for immediate purchase of land, construction of farm structures and other assets necessary to open the Fish Farm. The company will be the only big farm in the area to provide the local community with Tilapia Fish. Tilapia is good for the body as it is fat free and it has cold liver oil which has health benefits like treating of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and eye disorders.

During Year 1 start-up phase, BEBACO FISH FARM will require a period of time to raise and cultivate the products the company intends to market for sale. As soon as the company has accumulated sufficient products to sell, BEBACO FISH FARM will establish a customer base at local point of sale farmers' markets. The projected Profit and Loss Table for Year 2 and Year 3 for BEBACO FISH FARM reflects the company operating at the expected full capacity. After the demand of this market has been adequately serviced, BEBACO FISH FARM plans to consider expanding operations by including various other venues to market their products including but not limited to obtaining shelf space at small local grocery businesses within the target market area and possibly expanding the market overseas.

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1.1 Objectives
The objective of BEBACO FISH FARM for this business plan is to obtain funding of Tsh. 700,000,000 for the following:
Purchasing land.
Constructing Fish Ponds
Purchasing and installing fencing materials
Purchasing machinery and equipment.
Hiring employees.
Purchasing Fingerlings
Advertising and marketing of products
Purchasing fish feed machinery.
Purchasing refrigerator Truck
1.2 Mission
The mission of BEBACO FISH FARM is to establish a fish farming business capable of servicing to the local community by creating jobs and producing high-quality fish products that customers will benefit from it.
1.3 Keys to Succ...

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