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Aftermath of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

6 Pages 1427 Words October 2017

Jonathan Klein, executive of Getty Images said in one of the Ted Talks, “In my industry, we believe that images can change the world” (Klein). Iconic images can change the world by arousing different emotions in people which can help in changing their perspective. Photographs are made because they resonate with us in one way or other. For example, the Syrian refugee crisis deeply affected the people involved in the crisis but they also affected the people who heard about it. The Syrian refugee crisis is an awakening issue that needed to be solved. Many photographs of refugee crisis have been taken to show people the pain that people of Syria have been going through. But some pictures present heartbreaking emotional appeals that needed to be addressed by the audience or the higher authorities of the nation. Iconic images use both Aristotelian appeals and Visual appeals to persuade the audience that is interested in praying, giving, and speaking up for the refugees affected by the war in Syria.
Some of the iconic images by expert photographers made a strong emotional appeal about the refugee crisis. In a Sept. 10, 2015, photo from, a Syrian refugee is carrying her baby through mud to cross the border from Greece into Macedonia during a rainstorm, near the Greek village of Idomeni (Buzz feed). The picture of the woman, middle-aged carrying her 2 or 3 years old child filled half of the entire photo area. Her facial expressions show that she is crying and her baby too who also has his or her hand in front of the mouth. The photographer just focused on the woman and her child so the background has a blurry vision. But we can see that there are people getting ready to follow her or some are just sitting or standing to wait for something. There is also a big recycling bin kind of drum at the back of the woman. On the ground, there is wet mud all around which makes it hard for walking. Overall, this image just focuses on the wo...

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