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Appropriate Compensation for Native Americans

3 Pages 689 Words November 2017

The term native refers to someone born in a specified area, whether they reside there or not. Native Americans are the indigenous people or early residents of the United States of America usually of the Indian origin. Native Americans date as far as 15,000 years ago. There are more than 500 indigenous tribes recognized by the federal government. This essay will debate on whether Native Americans are privileged by the government and what is morally right concerning the issue. Since the arrival, the European colonialist’s Native Americans have suffered great losses, mainly from the slavery, introduced diseases and warfare.
After the independence of the United States, the founding fathers decided to civilize the American natives willingly or forcefully leading to The Indian removal act being passed by Congress, authorizing the relocation of Native Americans within established states from their homelands to lands west of the Mississippi River, to facilitate the European-American expansion. This resulted in the brutal, forced marches which came to be referred to as Tears. Massive ethnic cleansing and displacements occurred.
The Western tribes who were nomadic lived in the Great Basin and Plains. The United States government forced the tribes to cessed on their vast lands by signing a series of treaties and establishing reservations for them in many western states. The U.S. government is a trustee for vast tracts of Native Americans tribal land. The Department of Interior manages close to 56 million acres of land and handles at least 100,000 leases on the same land for a wide variety of uses including housing, farming, timber harvest, livestock grazing, and gas and oil extraction. The federal government holds in trust More than 250 tribes assets.
The U.S. government under those trust agreements should have ensured Native Americans receive compensation for the use of their land and resources. However, the government bought tribe lands b...

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