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Reflections on Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class

5 Pages 1329 Words November 2017

Before this class, I did not think about race, gender, social class, and sexuality in detail. I knew what each of the terms meant, but I didn’t have a clear understanding of them and their importance in society in the past or present. Now I can think about of each of them critically and explain my position and characteristics. I want to start the essay by describing my race, gender, social class, and sexuality. In the each of the paragraphs that follow I will go into detail about my characteristics and give specific examples of everything that I have experienced. I am 100% Indian, in fact, I was born and raised in a major city in India called Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. I am also a female; I was born as a female, my preferred gender pronouns are She and Her. My social class is upper middle class. I am also a heterosexual.
I was raised in India for the first 12 years of my life. When I lived in India, I had no concept of race. Majority of the people I saw were the same skin shade as me and had the same physical characteristics as me. I would occasionally see some tourist around the city that were different, but I didn’t think much of it. When I lived in India, my parents never talked about race. I had never heard about it in the news, never talked about it at school, and never read about it in history books. These things changed when I moved to America though. In America, I quickly learned that race was a popular topic of discussion. I had a strange experience with race when I started middle school in the United States, In India, I went to a private international school, so my Math and science knowledge was above the level of the public school. I was naturally placed in the advanced and honors track. This was a problem because other students just assumed that Indian and Asians were naturally good at math and science. I was made fun of because of my higher class placement. I understand that this wasn’t nearly as bad some ot...

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