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Counseling CPT and CT Case Study

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Counseling is a form of talking therapy that can be provided in many different ways and varies from counselor to counselor depending on their training and personal style (James & Gilliland, 2003). Counsellors usually try to match the style with the client’s needs. Counselling approaches are grouped into two major styles; active and discussion based (Thompson, 2003). In active counseling, the counselor may make suggestions and clients can learn certain skills or techniques to help them take appropriate action (Thompson, 2003; Barkham, Guthrie, Hardy & Margison, 2016). This approach is helpful when clients have difficulty taking their own decisions and carrying out agreed decision, e.g., clients with depression. In discussion-based counseling; the counselor is less active; the counselor mainly seeks to encourage and support clients to better understand their problem (Barkham et al., 2016).
The aim of this study is to analyse the application of Person Centred Therapy (PCT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) counselling modalities in case study 2 (Appendix A) which was a client who presented in the local community health centre for counselling. In addition, this study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of each therapy and attempt to identify the main differences and similarities between the two approaches in working with the client.
PCT was developed by Carl Rogers, a Humanistic school of psychology. It emphasizes the relationship between the counselor and the client and the ability of the client to self-actualize (Geldard, Geldard & Yin Foo, 2017). Roger believed that human beings have a capacity for self-awareness; that they search for meaning in their lives, and they can cope with a wide range of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; that they have the potential for change (Nelson-Jones, 2009). In the light of this, the client is provided with an environment in which they can discuss their issues in a safe, non-judgmental and wa...

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