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Research Paper on Spanking a Child

3 Pages 809 Words November 2017

Spanking and Child Outcomes Reflection Paper
Sandy L Wade
Lifespan Human Growth and Development
Cameron University
Instructor: Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia

This essay is about a meta-analytic review given by Gershoff, E.T. in an article written in the 2016 edition of the Journal of Family Psychology. In this review, Gershoff and her colleagues discuss the point of whether spanking is beneficial or non-beneficial to children. This has been an ongoing debate that has been big with researchers as well as the public. There are two main issues that this article addresses. One, if the effect sizes for spanking are distinct from those for physical abuse; and secondly, whether effect sizes for spanking are strong enough to study for differences. Taken from 4 separate meta-analytic articles, to include Gershoff (2002), this article describes the findings from which each study concluded and how the evidence gathered supports the overall conclusion of this article Gershoff (2016, p.453). This essay will also compare and contrast the 2002 article with this 2016 edition. Specifically, what views if any have changed, if there has been any clarity received from the previous article to this latest edition, and does the second article support or hurt Gershoff’s position on child corporal punishment. I will take a closer look at the effects of spanking on a child’s moral internalization opposed to the need for and external factor or meditator to remove the undesired behavior to stop. I will also list and cover 5 out of the 13 child outcomes discussed in the 2016 article as well.
Keywords: Spanking, Physical Punishment, Child Outcomes, Internalization and Externalization

Spanking and Child Outcomes Reflection Paper
The issue of corporal punishment continues to be an unsolved mystery among researcher as well as the overall public. According to the 2016 meta-analysis review on Spanking and Child Outcomes: Old and New Meta-Analyses, 80% of the...

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