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Business and the Importance of the Internet

3 Pages 826 Words November 2017

´╗┐The Importance of the Internet in Business
With the rapid development of information , means of communication and networking technology it has become unreasonable doing business without the Internet network. Internet made a major shift in the field of trade and communication in particular. Modern technology has made it possible to reduce the time period for the transfer of information or communication from a distance, until it became indispensable to the Internet for each of the companies, institutions and businessmen.
The internet has brought about a major change in the way the world for the exercise of commercial activities locally or globally. From hiring people to collect information and data on the opponent. The Internet provides an inexpensive and effective opportunities that will help you reach markets that do not have access to in the past, and the methods which companies take advantage of the Internet are many.

Marketing and Advertising
The Internet has become an essential tool of marketing and advertising for companies. Some companies do not exist in the traditional manner between four walls, so you will not find only on the Internet and in the form or body website and ads on the Internet, the site represents an interface to the company to offer a product that is sold or service provided to the public. Other companies use online advertising to complete traditional newspapers, channels and reduced advertising costs for the ads. Many business owners and companies realize the importance of their presence on the Internet through a Web site on the Internet, in addition to the site. Companies used social media for marketing and promotion of its image among potential customers or permanent customers and the public in general.

Communication and Interaction
Although , the number of telephone calls is still the basis, we find that a lot of business communication is done through e-mail. Companies are using e-mail to communicate wit...

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