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Stock Project Paper - Walmart

3 Pages 766 Words November 2017

The company I chose to invest stock in was Walmart. Walmart is on the NYSE and has a ticker symbol of WMT. Walmart opened its stores on July 2, 1962, and has been in business for 55 years. Walmart offers products for everyday living, anything you could think of (food, clothes, hair/makeup, car accessories, cleaners, home goods, furniture, baby products, etc.) and has services such as grocery, car maintence, photo services, etc.. Walmart’s headquarters are located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Carl Douglas McMillon is currently the CEO of Walmart. As recent as this year (2017) Walmart has teamed up with the WWF and FFAR to conduct a research program to maximize crop utilization and edible food recovery. This will help see how and why food/crops are going to waste and it will identify practical oppurtunities for producers to increase the proportion of crops that are harvested and delivered to the highest value destinations. Because of this, they will help maximize crop utilization and bring back maximum profit to farms. These farms could be walmarts produce suppliers and others. After damage by hurricane katrina, Walmart teamed up with a Marine Corps veterans business “Retention Pond Services” to bring a boom to his business and make it nationwide, and in turn Retention Pond Services helps all Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs meet the rules and regulations set by the EPA to reduce the risk of water pollution. This has a positive impact on the environment. Walmart’s two major competitors are Target and Amazon.
The purchase price of Walmart’s shares on 6/23/17 was $74.84. I was able to purchase 133.6 shares with my $10,000 this day, costing a total of $9,953. On 8/1/17 I was able to sell these shares for a price of $80.50. I sold for a total of $10,754.80. This was a $754.80 profit. Walmart’s shares went up a total of $5.66 in the period allotted, although it wasn’t continuous as their stocks did take a dip over a couple of days but c...

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