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Self-Confidence and the Path to Success

3 Pages 727 Words January 2018

Thesis: Having self-confidence is important in almost every aspect of our lives and those who lack it often find it difficult to become successful.

Freedom of doubt and a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgments are known as self-confidence. It can be learned and practiced just like any other skills, but only the individual can decide how much belief they possess inside of themselves. In today’s society, many people lack the assurance needed to live a happy and healthy life. Having Self-confidence is essential in almost every aspect of our lives, and those who lack it often find it difficult to become successful. As Katty Kay and Claire Shipman wrote in The Confidence Code: “Confidence is hard to define but easy to recognize. With it, you can take on the world; without it, you’re like stuck at the starting block of your potential."
Having Self-confidence is a vital aspect of one’s life, and influences of low self-confidence are the family, society, media, and beliefs. According to studies, parental pattern influences the self-confidence of adolescence while the pressures of society are the main contributor. Our complete obsession with the media whether it is a newspaper, television or social media undermine healthy emotional development since many would want to look like celebrities. Religion and belief also contribute to your sense of self-worth, while most belief systems are not designed to control and oppress individuals, sometimes their practices and ideas can negatively influence self-confidence. Empirical research has shown that people with low self-confidence are more troubled by failure and tend to exaggerate events as being negative.
Having low self-esteem is a serious issue since it can have significant negative and long-term effects on a person’s life and there are many factors that lead to low self-confidence which should be eliminated. Numerous studies have linked low self-confidence to a w...

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