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Why Artificial Intelligence Won't Dominate the Future

4 Pages 1017 Words January 2018

Possessing the ability to create machines with human levels of intelligence has intrigued humans since the industrial age, and today, with over 60 years of dreaming, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a reality. A Cognitive scientist is capable of creating advanced machines that can understand human speech, recognize voices, think human thoughts, and mimic human digestion with the use of special bacteria to power its CPU (Central Processing Unit). Is a self-sustaining computer still a machine or is it a living organism? Artificial intelligence is destined to help mankind tremendously in the years to come, as intelligent machines will complete undesirable tasks. Human being’s lives will change forever; we would have another intellectual force either more intelligent than man or equal. This topic is a modern-day occurrence with many opinions. My biggest concern with my research on artificial intelligence was that most of my sources weren’t up-to-date since new technological advancements are constantly happening.
During my research on artificial intelligence, I realized that AI isn't only about creating robots, but is also a way to gain a better understanding of human intelligence. AI is a broad topic, covering a wide variety of different technologies and applications. The idea of AI dates back to documents from AI pioneer Arthur Samuel in the 1950s to our current advanced space engineering and Facebooks AI research department dedicated to advancing machine learning and developing intelligent machines. Recently Facebook designed an open source AI, code-named Big Sur, which can handle high-level computing, believed to be impossible in the 1950s. Human and machine interface is approaching a new degree of autonomy once believed to be purely Sci-Fi. The big idea of AI is the creation of life, a machine that can “think.”
The major challenge faced by those who work in the field of artificial intelligence is the human brain i...

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