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The Benefits and Potential of Stem Cells

4 Pages 1041 Words January 2018

A father cannot recall his child’s name anymore because of Alzheimer’sound and the disease. A little girl won’t be able to run around again as she has been paralyzed from the waist down. A wife will never see her husband again as she has become visually impaired. But with the use of stem cells, various medical problems our society faces could be eradicated or at least weakened in this large step forward in medicine and treatment.
Stem cells have huge potential in medical research but to adequately tackle this potential, researchers are concentrating on how stem cells change, or separate, into the assorted scope of specific cells that human beings what we are today. Because conditions like birth defects are thought to happen on account of problems in the separation procedure, a clear knowledge of the development occurring in these cells could help scientists treat the mistakes that may happen. If putting more funds into this research allows scientists to grasp a clear understanding of the development process in the human body, this could save 163,000 lives a year, according to a cancer research study in 2014. Just on cancer alone. Not only the public but the UK government would see a vast reduction in costs for research and treatment in the long term which, in turn, could boost the economy or leave money for other uses like education.
Another potential use of stem cells is to shape cells and tissues for medicinal treatments. As of now, it is given organs and tissues that are substituted for harmed or useless ones. Unfortunately, the number of individuals anticipating a transplant is much higher than the number of accessible organs. Transplant waiting lists are huge, and many people die while waiting. Stem cells offer a suitable alternative to treat conditions and can diminish the morbidity and mortality of those hoping for transplants. This, in turn, has the potential to help people around the UK survive these types of illnesses ...

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