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Rhetorical Speech: Fear and Giving Up

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Swimming in a tank with sharks is most not on my bucket list. I know the majority of people won't have this on top of their list or even on it at all. Sooner than later, more sooner than we’d like, we will eventually face a few sharks in our path in living our lives. At least once in our lifetime, in our version be down to the rock bottom, swimming along with sharks in the tank, fin, and hand together. Having the faith to push through and allowing fear just to be a simple image of our imaginations. Cracking through the glass will allow you to build character and have a say to break through. Getting out of if that tank is based only on you, as a person through the inside. Patience that the time will go, you will swim out, and a mindset that you’ll swim up, up to the top with the chance to get that breath of relief. Now, you know how not to let fear project onto you and know it will not be the last time to face head-on, a circle of naysayers, but your character as a person will always win.
The primary causes of failing or giving up can be traced down to one thing, fear. Yes, Fear has been a big factor in living life. To the ones that have not figured it out yet, the littlest things in life become a big factor in our everyday lives. Due to the sense of hope, encouragement, and accomplishment, leads to a never-ending cycle where you can finish and complete every task. This is facing life, head on. Life will get tougher as you go on. The surrounding people you live among will always bring in their say and what they think into your lives. How you handle, this is what or how you show yourself as a person. A reason for avoiding these naysayers impacting you change. The result of change all starts with you and the power of how you control your mind to work in your favor. That is a character for you.
In regards to William H. Mcraven, in his speech, it is believed that determination to finish or complete a task comes from within. This a...

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