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Lies and Secrets in The Great Gatsby

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Lying and secret keeping is something that has been going on from the beginning of time to present day. In today’s world, people are constantly trying to hide things from each other but it never stays hidden, and people eventually find out. In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the lying and deceit practiced by the main character Jay, the love of his Daisy and another important character, Myrtle, leads to a horrific, heartbreaking tragedy when truths are revealed.
A big thing Mr. Gatsby failed to realize is that a lot of times when you tell a lie they usually never tend to hold for very long. For example, “My family have been prominent, well-to-do people in this middle eastern city for three generations”... pg2. It was very unnecessary for him to tell a lie like that knowing that if they got to know him on a personal level that they would find out the real truth. Jay gave off the vibe that he was a sort of stuck up rich-snobby guy. Why? Who knows. Lying is not always the best choice. In jays case when it boiled down to them finding out the truth they didn’t know what to believe because its hard differentiate the truths from the lies. So it made it difficult to fully believe what he was saying.
Daisy is another prime example in the novel who lied but the reasons behind her lying would so keep everyone in her life happy. The way she lied and the way Jay did was completely different. Daisy lied to keep the person whom she thought was the love of her life happy, that was Tom Buchannan. Tom and daisies relationship was very unusual. Tom was having a secret affair behind daisies back with another character named Myrtle, but Daisy wanted to be with Tom , at least thought but not really because she thought she had to. Daisy was really in love with Jay, but because she fell like she to be in love with her husband she would continue to lie to Tom she’d like to keep them together. It was almost the same exact situation...

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