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A Vacation for Overcoming My Fears

4 Pages 927 Words January 2018

Two summers ago, I was coming back from a summer vacation trip away from the United States. I forgot that at the end of the trip, I had summer school. I only had less than 24 hours to get ready and go to school the next morning. At the moment I was not a happy person about my situation. I previously took summer classes before in the past but mainly mathematics or a science class. For this summer I decided to take an introduction to computer science class for the eight-week course during the summer. Coming back from a 10-hour flight I only got a few hours of sleep. Heading into this class, I didn't know what to expect, but all I know is that I needed this class to transfer to a major university. In this classroom, I reached an important event in my life from a learning experience that will always change how I approach any window for a learning opportunity. I realized if I wanted to learn something new I had to leave my stubbornness and the fear of asking others for help and have an open mind. It was important to give myself the chance to learn something without the fear of failure.
A summer event with a Computer Science professor at Solano seems that he wanted all of his students to do well in the class. An example, of this whole experience, was when my computer science professor start interacting with all the students and making sure that the class was ready to work together. The reasoning was the professor wanted to make sure everyone in the class was on the same page and get the clarity of the assignment.The professor address that classroom was to be very involved with each other and willing to help each other. If there was a hindrance, it was because I didn't want to ask for help. I had to overcome my fears of feeling that I fail and the stubbornness of my stupidity of independence.
Another interesting fact about Professor Anderson is that he had everyone in the class feeling relaxed with the encouragement that we as a class will ...

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