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A Position Paper for Transcultural Global Education

17 Pages 4176 Words February 2018

In this putative “position paper,” I review the necessity of a global form of education by addressing the global and human crisis we are in. I note that many postmodern and multicultural approaches deny there are universal human values or that individuals can rise above their cultural traditions, either of which renders hopeless any attempt to meet this crisis through global education. Instead, I insist that there are a) universal values and b) identifiable stages of individual conscious development, the higher of which allows for a planetary (i.e., transcultural and transnational) perspective. It is my contention that the above makes decolonized global education desirable and necessary.
[key words: global, planetary, environmentalism, Kegan, education, conscious, consciousness, stages, development, postcolonial, values, multiculturalism, transcultural, universal, human, rights, intolerance, tolerance
[Preamble: This paper has been written in plain English and without an excess of references in an attempt to avoid placing its proposals within any particular political stance or academic discourse. The global education approach I advocate for such groups as the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) is meant to apply across the board as foundational to all stances and discourses. For this reason, this “position paper” is broad and basic, lacking in application details, and daring, in these difficult times, to be an idealistic call to action but not a blueprint for same.]

It is well known that we humans are the greatest threat to ourselves and other life on this small planet. There is no need to list the looming dangers from ongoing wars and environmental destruction to overpopulation that have been created or at least exacerbated by human activity. We have the means yet have been unable to work together to plan how to save our civilizations or the natural world in which they are nested. In fact...

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