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A Position Paper for Transcultural Global Education

17 Pages 4176 Words February 2018

, it seems quite clear that much of the human population on this planet is working hard against each other to speed our descent into chaos. Us against them mentality continues to prevent us from seeing our common danger. I submit that tradition and indoctrination often leave individual minds wearing such cultural blinders that they may be said to suffer stunted conscious growth, and, further, that this is the primary reason we cannot get along with each other or even talk to each across deeply conditioned borderlines.
I here outline a general position that will hopefully lead to future action at which time the details of such action can be worked out. I suggest that global education of a particular type is a fair and reasonable objective and, indeed, a necessary one if we peoples of the Earth are to learn to share the responsibility of preserving our planet and our ways of life upon it. To those who say such an approach is bound to conflict with certain cultural or religious value systems and that there are no “universal” human values, I have three suggestions that will be further outlined in what follows. First, I must insist that there are universal human values. Second, I support theories that indicate there are verifiable stages of conscious human development, the higher of which tend toward both more individuality and planetary awareness. Third, I suggest a postcolonial global education that works across international borders (yet without obligation to any institution or organization external to it) is the long-term path toward harmony and mutuality of purpose among all the world’s peoples.
Institutions for helping all people (across cultural boundaries) cooperate, share, and generally get along with each other do not include those that look inward for their values, beliefs, and practices, or those whose goals are to export such values, beliefs, and practices. Historically speaking, neither national governments nor organized...

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