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The Rise of Fast Food Restaurants

3 Pages 671 Words February 2018

Fast food restaurants and eateries are most definitely on the rise; not only in America, but around the world. In the American society, fast food restaurants can be found on almost every street corner. These fast food eateries not only contribute to massive weight gains, but they also can contribute to other unhealthy diseases such as, depression, heart attacks, and cancer. Second, they create jobs, but they don’t create enough job income for a person live off of who is single, let alone single with a family. Fast food restaurants simply do not benefit anyone except the owners.
First of all, fast foods do not benefit people financially because of the low wages that are paid to its employees. Every year fast food restaurants and eateries generate billions of dollars, but yet, employees who contribute to the owners and franchises like McDonald’s, Wendy’s; Popeye’s; Burger King; White Castle; Krystal’s; Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Church’s Chicken are continuously being underpaid. The average employee who works at these fast food entities makes minimum wage or just above minimum wage. Most of these people are from neighborhoods that are poverty stricken where people live in substandard housing areas with trash all over the streets, yards with high grass that haven’t been cut in years; abandoned houses barley standing with peeling paint and boarded windows that have been broken out from kids throwing rocks through them because this was a way of playing in their neighborhood.
Second, for a person to make a decent wage or salary, they have to at least be a shift manager or above, and even then, if they elect to have health benefits; once the benefits are deducted, there is barely any monies left to pay bills and buy food to eat. The sad thing is that most of the employees that are working in the fast food industry do not even have a high school education, so this is a hindrance to them making it to a supervisor or managerial...

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