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Devious Expectations in Much Ado About Nothing

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In Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing, the characters are expected to fail because of other's ideal expectations. At birth, people are expected to act a certain way, either negative or positive. People born under poor circumstances are presumed to be wicked or criminal. Males are obligated to be tough, stoic, and physically strong. Females are obligated to be well dressed, shy, and to have high self esteem.
The life of Shakespeare's character, Don John, still applies to our society today. Don John was issued the name of being a bastard all because he was born before his parents were married. Due to which, he was melancholy and sullen by nature, and became a villain, which was motivated by his envy of his brother's social authority. In the book, Don John said, “though I am not a flattering, righteous man, at least you can say that I am honest about being a villain.” For example, people born in the ghetto are seen likely to become a criminal. These predictions are self-fulfilling prophecies. In Lin-Manuel Miranda’s song: My Shot, it says: "When even role models tell us we're born to be felons. We're never getting into Harvard or Carnegie Mellon. And we were gon' end up either robbing somebody or killing.” The lyric from the song implies how if you are constantly told that you are supposed to be a certain way, you will begin to believe it also.
Positive expectations can also have an negative effect. Even though the approach was to have an positive impact and to help encourage you, the expectation could damage you if you lose confidence in yourself. In our society, males are obligated to be tough, it is seen as a weakness to see a male cry. Therefore, men seen crying in jail would be considered a punk for showing emotional vulnerability.
Similarly, homosexuality is seen as a degradation of masculinity. According to “Dr. Joel McDurmon”, homosexuality will wreck the nation. With that being said, men of such wo...

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