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Modern-Day American Progress

7 Pages 1696 Words February 2018

What we call progress can be seen as an idea that we use to help us organize the madness of our lives and give it meaning. Society has spent centuries devoting their lives to the pursuit of progress and since the Age of Reason progress has refocused from simply being a culture to being an Intellectual Social Reform. The current status of American progress, as a whole, is not working. It promises a better life but the increase of needs and desires end up affecting the wheels of progress which are the resources. When these resources are seen affected and people can no longer sustain them, the solution is to incorporate technology in a way to try to improve and maintain these resources. However, what the incorporation of technology does is lead people to an eventual economic despair. The continually rising standard of living that follows economic disparity is a high amount of workload that eventually ends up leading to a health leisure and a depraved quality of life.
Throughout the years, the ongoing of improvement and development has been described as progress. Progress essentially assures that quality of life has become easier than how it was and that with time it will continue to get easier. However, at times it can lead to an economic desperation that can have a certain effect in the welfare of democracy. Christopher Lasch, a history professor at the University of Rochester, argues that progress should be democratic to have a real meaning, that improvement is something that should apply to everyone, not just a few (1). In the “End of Retirement”, Jessica Bruder, journalist and author, supports Lasch’s argument when she claims that the current form of economic progress is harming the elderly, that “most laborers remain in the workforce because they lack the luxury of choice since they don’t have enough money to cover their expenses” (2). Lastly, American anthropologist, Marvin Harris’ analysis about cows makes us asks...

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