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Challenges of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

5 Pages 1260 Words February 2018

I. Introduction and Background
Historically speaking, the United States had never created a law that offered feasible and fair immigration solutions. Instead of addressing the complex issues of immigration reform, laws were enforced that made establishing residency in the U.S. a challenge for illegal immigrants. Since its introduction in 2001, The DREAM (Development, Relief, Education for Alien Minors) Act had been repeatedly stalled in Congress and the Senate.
During former President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, he assured supporters that he would sign an immigration bill during his first term in office. Obama was met with a major economic collapse during his first term, which left him without a choice in prioritizing job loss over immigration reform. After receiving over 70% of the Latino vote during his second term campaign, Obama reaffirmed his promise immigration advocacy groups and PACS and signed the DACA into Executive Order in 2012 (Pace 2012). This top-down policy approach was designed to protect young adults who were brought into the United States as children. While the DACA is not legislation that provides legal residency to undocumented immigrants, it is a gateway for young adults to build a foundation of stability by way of being issued a temporary social security number, obtaining a work permit, ability to enroll in school and securing a driver’s license. DACA also provides protection against deportation and offers other benefits of legitimacy to young adult immigrants.
America now faces a moral, structural and systemic racism issue with the recently repealed DACA Act. This policy analysis will seek to discuss why this political move targets poor and Latino immigrants, and why Americans should be concerned about repeals enacted out of nihilism instead of the difference in policy beliefs. This analysis will also uncover the root problem of the DACA, and find solutions for the act going forward.

II. Statement o...

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