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The Negative Side of Social Media

4 Pages 1116 Words March 2018

One negative aspect of our society that isn’t always seen, is the way that social media attacks the character of someone through many ways. It attacks them in the areas of their life that they are worried about like insecurities and makes them even feel anxiety through any other part of their life. This is because of their need to fit into our society through the social media because everyone has it. Also, if kids and teens aren’t already hurting themselves with so many negative aspects of social media; then they are probably being hurt by someone on social media psychologically and/or mentally.
First, during life, everyone strives for perfection and it doesn't help at all when all around you there are all of your friends with their seemingly perfect lives through social media. When you check social media and see how good everyone else is doing, you tend to compare yourself with that person and ask why they have such a perfect life, when in reality their entire social media could be a cover for their terrible and blatantly bad life. People like this use social media as a way to almost make their lives how they wish it was in real life. This causes a large number of problems later on when all of those inside social media are just real people with fake lives. It's almost a green screen effect where everyone can choose exactly what they want their life to look and be like when the truth is that they are only just in front of a green screen because that is all they have. All of these situations lead to a common problem in our society (that is hard to get rid of) called insecurity.
Likewise, social media addiction is a real thing. “Recent studies show its addictive properties come from the positive reinforcement we receive from it” (Meyer). Everyone who has ever used a social media app or website can tell you just how addictive it is to get x amount of likes or x amount of comments but the real problem develops when people lose tra...

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