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The Bilingual Education Debate

2 Pages 454 Words March 2018

Bilingual education continues to provoke some serious debate in the United States. It seems that nearly everyone from educators, to policymakers, even parents with school-age children. They all have an opinion on whether children with little fluency in English should be taught academic content in their home while learning English. Bilingual education is very crucial for future children in today's society.
Bilingual education has risen in the United States tremendously. There are so many people migrating to this country now that they want to learn the language, but they do not want their native language and culture lost in the process. “Half of the school districts in Utah are by far the most progressive state when it comes to bilingual education, offer dual, language immersion, and great success. New York City is expanding its language immersion programs to 40 more additional schools, which means it has about 150 bilingual public schools.” A. (2015, September 30).
Learning to be bilingual should start early when a person is younger it is easier for them to pick up a foreign language that is taught. They are also likely to be more eager and open to learning the language as well as the cultures of other countries. Learning a new language as an adult can be way more stressful and difficult because they are so used to their primary language. “Bilingual children have a greater neural activity and denser tissue in the areas of the brain related to memory, attention, and language than monolingual learners”. M. (2015, September 25). Sign language as a second language is very beneficial and falls into the category of bilingual education. Being bilingual doesn’t always mean learning a different language it could be sign language. Sign language is also considered to be a foreign language. The only difference is that you are using your hands instead of your mouth to communicate. Being deaf can also make a person feel just as lost as s...

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