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Julius Caesar and the Roman Republic

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Julius Caesar was a ruler of the Roman Republic which through his cherished efforts turned it into an empire. He conquered neighboring states to expand Rome. After gathering a few men, Caesar marched to his enemies who he treated with full contempt in seizing them. He was so evil that he let some statesmen go entirely out of the water and eventually chopped off their heads (White 345). I view Caesar as a power-hungry politician contrary to the popular belief of a liberator. His efforts though on the bigger picture achieve acknowledgments; after thorough consideration, I am firmly minded claiming that he acted on a personal basis. His main agenda lied in to make himself a legend. He is loved for not only opening the borders of Rome but also increasing the size of the senate.
His successes include expanding his local government with increased members of the Senate. He also resurrected some city-states formerly destroyed by the rulers before him. They were ultimately given life because of his ruling. Julius also gave citizenship to new citizens in Rome furthering his good act agenda. These acts, in my opinion, were public relations activities just to improve his political and personal agenda of becoming legend. He also reformed the Roman calendar just to the benefit of all Romans (White 348). Julius managed to make the Roman leadership inclusive by expanding the government. On closer scrutiny on these actions, Julius was committing them to further his immortality agenda. To begin with, the manner of acquisition of power demonstrated by Julius is lethal. Suppose he was a people-oriented leader, he would have embraced diplomacy. On the contrary, he is ruthless and does not respect basic people’s rights. He staged coups right from the time of acquiring power in Rome to the time he started expanding Rome to an empire.
As a rule, Julius is portrayed to have tried bribing Pompey’s soldiers to fight in his side. Although Pompey was among hi...

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