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Critical Review of Paul R. House's Old Testament Theology

4 Pages 1017 Words March 2018

1. Introduction
Paul R. House is one of the eminent Old Testament scholars who explore the various theological aspects of the Old Testament texts in their historical contexts. House’s Old Testament Theology explores a great deal of major theological themes embedded in the texts of the Hebrew Bible. He examines each book of the Old Testament to draw the most important theological issues throughout the Hebrew texts. Each theological theme he brings out in his book is a reflection of the LORD’s character and actions through His engagement with His creations-the nature, the nations, and His people. So, in this assignment paper, I am going to review the central theological aspects of each book of the Bible R. House explores in his book called Old Testament Theology.

2. Brief Summary
House primary focus in his book is to discover the maximum theological positions of each book of the Old Testament. Although there are many theological aspects he explores in his book, there are three main theological pillars which hold the rest of the theological sections in the Old Testament. Firstly, he gives importance to the priority of the scripture as the written word God which provides the theological positions of its writers; secondly, he emphasizes on monotheistic theological aspect which is the centre of all the theological aspects of the Old Testament; thirdly, the people of God who serve as the agents of God’s actions and characters. These three are the primary elements that carry the all the other theological issues in embedded in the Old Testament texts. There are 26 chapters in this book with 547 pages. The very first chapter talks about the history and methodology of the theology of the Old Testament. The chapter also talks about the barriers at present in approaching to bring a theological aspect of any given old Testament text. The middle 24 chapters explore twenty-four theological aspects based on God’s actions with his people i.e...

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