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Royalty and Gender in Macbeth

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The play Macbeth showcases very significant roles of hierarchy and gender. These roles do an excellent job expressing masculinity and femininity while challenging the social norms during Shakespeare’s time. Lady Macbeth goes on beyond social expectations questioning her husband, Macbeth, her responsibilities, cruelty, and deceit. Lady Macbeth then goes on to insult her husband by asking the spirits for a true man, a warrior, to do her husband’s wrongdoings. The cultural hierarchy in Macbeth gives multiple examples of medieval values important to the play and also the theme. Without words these themes are expressed vividly through; sets, costumes, lighting, color, texture, and shape. Plenty costumes, sets, and lighting allows the audience to thoroughly analyze the characters while visually stimulating the audience. The first impression of the scene is caused by the costume and set while completely setting the mood. While texture shape and color capture and influences the scene. Each individually gives plentiful details that come together to form a big part in emphasizing the scenery on stage.
One of the best scenes in play is Act 1 Scene 5 where Lady Macbeth tells her plan to kill King Duncan. Lady Macbeth challenges medieval femininity as well as her own by asking the spirits to “unsex her”. This sets the tone and the mood of the play as well as the climax of the entire production. By summoning these spirits Lady Macbeth begins the transformation from the innocence of her and Macbeth into murderous traitors and tyrants. I would personally set this scene up by looking like something out of an action movie. She’s in her house with papers all over the wall, planning a murder. It appears as if she has been playing her actions for months now, precise planning to perfectly kill the king, highlighting her masculinity overthrowing her femininity, unlike the pre-Shakespearian time. The walls will be black and this will create a feel...

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