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World War II and the Battle of the Bulge

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Hitler decided to attack the west instead of fighting a two-front war. He wanted to break up Alas supply lines. The allies were broken through in that Ardennes. They push the Germans back and force them to retreat. It was wintertime and the troops on both sides did not have enough food, do not have enough ammunition, and they could not start fires either because of course if the enemy sees where they are they would shoot them. Most of the American troops that were involved were very poorly supplied had very little food, not enough ammunition not enough warm clothes. the Germans hoped to split the British and American forces in half to encircle the four allied armies in the area. forcing the western power to negotiate a peace treaty that would be favorable to the Axis powers. the strengths of both armies were relatively equal with the advantage leaning towards the allies, had approximately eight hundred and forty thousand men thirteen hundred tanks and 394 artillery guns.
I think the Germans committed a major portion of their reserves. Instead of holding their reserves to counter Allied attacks they threw them into an attack they could never win. Even with all their estimates and everything happened the way they planned, sooner or later the skies would clear (which they did) and the 9th Air Force would have a field day (which they did). Also, what the Germans didn't plan on was that American Armor Divisions were either in an attack or held behind the lines preparing for one. As such out of the 10 Armor Divisions in the American Army, eight were available on December 15, 1944, for redeployment. Basically, the battle of the bulge was the last major Nazi offensive against the allies during world war 2. it lasted through December 16, 1944, to January 25, 1945. it was intended to split the American and British forces in two, capture much-needed supplies, and achieve some sort of peace with the allies. it was the largest, bloodiest and cost...

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