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Literature and Community Values

2 Pages 589 Words April 2018

Literature is as old as the human race. The experiences and viewpoints of communities happened as long as storytelling was. Expressing history by mouth corresponds to all cultures and their beliefs, traditions, ethics, and social unity, leading to written literature. Today, people study literature in the communities. In order to Understand how the world works as a whole and develop a deep connection between events and the human mind, studying literature is crucial. It also allows for an individual to add stability in their own community as well as gaining an open-mind of their surroundings and other cultures. As we read and learn from those histories and get introduced to different authors, new characters, and new ideas, you may be surprised that you're deep into the meaning of the major themes and crucial connections. Literature contributes meaning and freedom to what we do and why we do things in the community.
It is quite a difficult task to understand what literature is and to pinpoint a definition. Literature is writings in which expression is connected with ideas, interests, and fantasy. Most people think of poetry, novels, creative writing and drama when describing literature. All literature has a special meaning behind it, so the wish list you wrote for Santa Claus does not count. Literature is creative work of the imagination worthy of being remembered. The purpose, the audience, self, and the theme is what matters. Discovery literature can be applied into daily and personal lives giving you a knowledge and appreciation of a cultural diversity. There are several wonderful writers who formed our literary heritage and wrote great books that shaped our goals and values by being aware of our own identities, especially our identities as Americans, allowing readers to develop perspectives on events occurring globally.
How does literature affect the community we are apart of? literature is one of the inspirations of life, stimulatin...

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