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The Psychology of My Character Development

3 Pages 747 Words May 2018

Character development refers to the development of one’s self. The person needs to identify the different contemporary psychological perspectives about themselves be it biological, behavioral, humanistic etc. Character development can also be connected to behaviorism which refers to the study of observable behaviors, especially that pertaining to the process of learning. Most of the people go through centration where the focus only on one aspect of a situation and ignore the other aspects of the situation. Character development plays an important role in everyone’s life. The character of the person helps them make themselves unique and identified in public. According to me, I think it is very important to character development studied at a certain age. Character development can be self-taught or can be learned from elders. My personal goals for character development are to take less stress about everything, I am a person who does not like trying new cuisines. I have a set perception about few cuisines and I decide on it even without tasting it. For me to improve on this, I need to use my special senses i.e. my gustation and olfactory senses to try new cuisines. Sometimes I react to things without listening to what the other person has to say.
For this, I need to use my auditory sense and react appropriately. Most of the times I get carried away with what people tell me which is sometimes negative. I get carried away with these talks, I plan to do positive self-talking and reappraisal (pg 128, chp 3) to myself so that I cannot let other people affect my life. One of the other areas where I need to personally grow is the attention (Pg 135, chp 4). I have a limited attention span especially when I haven’t slept enough or when I am disturbed. Sometimes during class, I tend to lose my attention as I get distracted with few thoughts or hunger. There are times I tend to multitask (pg 137, chp 4) which also leads to paying less attenti...

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