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Case Study: Billy - A Vulnerable Infant

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lays and important role in the future wellness of the developing fetus, infant, and child. A mothers’ wellness including her nutrition, chronic disease management, smoking, drinking, as well as her mental health, all have potential to harm the vulnerable fetus. With early recognition and intervention, morbidity and mortality of mothers and infants can be prevented. In the following section, we will examine some of the factors that may affect the growth and development of Billy from our case study.
In this case, we first come to hear that mother Michelle has had previous children removed from the home due to inadequate living conditions and violence. According to the World Health Organization’s statement on the Social Determinants of Health, adequate living conditions is the most important contributor to maternal child health (WHO, 2016). We also are aware that this mother is living in rural BC and has not accessed care until later in her pregnancy. Women living in more remote settings have a higher incidence of mortality in pregnancy due to decreased access to specialized care (Wong, Perry, Hockenberry, Lowdermilk, Wilson, pp215,.2006).
Intimate partner violence (IVP) is the most prevalent cause of injury to women (Perinatal Services of British Columbia, 2016) and is known to have long-lasting cumulative effects throughout a woman’s lifetime. Specifically, in pregnancy, IPV can negatively affect a woman’s mental health leading to an increase in anxiety and depression and other mental health challenges, as well as cause an exacerbation of chronic conditions (Perinatal Services BC, 2016). When there is IPV, a partner may often block the woman from receiving prenatal care or minimize symptoms that would lead her to seek care (Perinatal Services BC, 2016). In the case of Billy’s mother, we come to understand that Michelle was not seen by a primary care provider until late in her pregnancy and can link this to stressors she has...

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