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Heroes in The Hobbit

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Sometimes an unnoticed and small person can become a courageous hero and change the whole world. “The Hobbit” is written by J.R.R Tolkien; the story takes place in the middle earth, Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who enjoys a peaceful life in his house. One day he involved into an adventure to help dwarves take back their home, the Lonely Mountain. During the journey, Baggins experienced a lot of dangerous situations, and Baggins developed from a normal hobbit to a hero throughout his adventure, and dwarves took their treasure back and beat the goblin army with elves. After that, Baggins finished his heroic journey and went back to his house. In the novel “The Hobbit” Bilbo Baggins developed from a common, coward and normal hobbit to a brave, confidence and great hero for three stages. First, the call of journey second, get help from helpers and third, the final tests
For every hero to start their adventure, they need a call to remove them from their ordinary life, and Baggins shows a reluctance to leave his comfortable life. When Gandalf told Baggins in his house that he is planning an adventure, Baggins said:“Good morning, we don’t want any adventure here, you might try over the hill or across the River.” Bilbo Baggins refuses Gandalf’s invitation to the adventure without asking him about the details of the adventure, which also proves how dreadful adventure is to Baggins, he even does not want to listen to that adventure. During their party in Baggins’ house, Gandalf and dwarves were discussing their adventure “Gandalf sat at the head of the party with thirteen dwarves and Baggins sat on a stool at the fireside nibbling at a biscuit ( his appetite was quite taken away), and trying to look as if this was all perfectly ordinary and not in the least an adventure.” The action “ nibbling at a biscuit” shows Bilbo Baggins is nervous about the planning adventure. We can infer how scared he is about adventure even th...

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